A sticky-fingered toll collector has been arrested for allegedly swiping $24,270 in collected cash, which he then swapped with counterfeit bills, authorities said last week.

 Jonathan Germain, 22, of Brooklyn, is accused of conducting the rip-off during just 10 shifts this month and in May as he manned a booth at the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel.

The temp MTA employee was nearing the end of his one-year contract that was set to expire in July.  The alleged theft was discovered when a contractor tasked with counting tolls found the bogus bills, which were then traced back to the defendant’s deposit bags, officials said.

“We carefully monitor our revenue stream through every step of the collection process and stress to all officers during training that anyone caught stealing will be arrested and fully prosecuted,” said Donald Look, MTA Bridges and Tunnels Chief of Internal Security.

But Germain, of East Flatbush, allegedly failed to heed that warning.  A security camera also caught Germain switching some $3,000 from his collection bag with funny money he retrieved from a paper bag, the Daily News reports. 

“Public tolls are supposed to go into the public treasury — not the pockets of the toll collector,” said Brooklyn district attorney Kenneth Thompson.

Germain is facing between five to 15 years in prison if convicted of possession of a forged instrument and grand larceny.