Chicago- you aren't alone. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently signed legislation that allows NYC to develop a five year plan to monitor school zones with speed cameras, allowing evidence collected to impose speeding liability. Chicago recently started testing speed cameras in school zones before it activates the cameras for issuing tickets.

The new law is designed to enhance the safety of children in the zones where cameras are placed by slowing vehicles down with the use of speed cameras and other law enforcement efforts. The law allows the city to set up the cameras in up to twenty school zones at a time. The program is set up in a similar fashion to the city's red light camera program- one that allows the city to levy fines and penalties.

If the city ends up implementing the program it must also conduct a study and provide reports to the Governor and to the Legislature highlighting the effectiveness of the trial program, including data on crashes, fatalities, and injuries in the twenty speed zones that will be monitored. Also included are the number of speeding violations, the fees and penalties collected, and how much the camera program costs to run.

Cuomo said, “This law will allow New York City to undertake a pilot program to see if using speed cameras in school zones is an effective way of preventing accidents and protecting both pedestrians and drivers. These cameras will encourage drivers to use caution when driving through school zones. Overall, this will contribute to a safer environment for our students.”