A New Jersey girl relied on her own skills yesterday afternoon after her grandfather passed away from a heart attack, leading to a runaway vehicle in which the girl was a passenger.

12-year old Miranda Bowman had seen plenty of Law and Order episodes that featured similar predicaments, and knows of the danger of such vehicles from her father's EMT experience.

Her grandfather, Paul Parker, was driving her home Tuesday after the two fulfilled a goal to ride the go-karts together at a nearby business. On the way home, Paul told his granddaughter he felt as if he's never felt before, leading Miranda to become concerned. "I was scared because he would never say that. He was a tough cookie," she said.

According to an AP article,
After a "30-second freak-out" during which she cried, "Pop-pop, Pop-pop, Pop-pop," Miranda realized the car was speeding up and drifting toward the side of the road. She undid her seat belt and tried to call 911 on her cellphone but she wasn't getting any service. She then climbed underneath the steering wheel and pressed her hand on the brake.
But even though the car was slowing down, it was still hurtling down the road.
Miranda popped up from underneath the steering wheel, wedged her right foot under her left and pressed on the brake as hard as she could.
"I was going to put it in park and I thought we were going too fast," she said. "I thought it would do the fish tail or flip over."
Miranda's quick thinking may have easily saved her life and perhaps other drivers from the runaway vehicle. Have you ever taught your kids or others what signs to look for a heart attack? It's painful enough to love one loved one. To lose two or more would be considerably worse. Train loved ones the signs of heart attack and how to quickly save an accelerating vehicle.