After snarling traffic in New Jersey embroiled Governor Chris Christie, again NJ is in the headlines for traffic, but this time, working to improve the flow just in time for the Super Bowl.

TransCore and the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission are on schedule to complete another phase of an adaptive traffic control by Super Bowl kickoff time.

To improve traffic flow and reduce congestion, TransCore began engineering and installing an adaptive traffic control system at more than 100 intersections throughout the 30-square miles of the Hackensack Meadowlands District. Included in the project are traffic signals on NJ Routes 17 and 120 that serve traffic heading to the MetLife Stadium.

The intelligent transportation system provides immediate response to traffic patterns as they occur, adjusting signal operations in response to both unexpected traffic snarls as well as highly anticipated traffic congestion expected during the weeks leading up to Super Bowl 2014. It is expected that some 400,000 tourists will converge in the New York/New Jersey area during Super Bowl week, and 82,000 will flock to MetLife Stadium on game day.

“The capability to adjust traffic signal frequency in real-time makes our solution well suited for events like the Super Bowl where traffic conditions can change dramatically in a very short time frame,” said Michael Mauritz, TransCore’s senior vice president for ITS Solutions. “A successfully deployed automated traffic system can enhance traffic safety and reduce vehicle emissions, making travel more efficient for its users.”

TransCore has successfully deployed traffic control systems that manage more than 15,000 intersections in U.S. cities, including Phoenix, San Jose and New York. Recently, Pasadena, California employed the TransCore engineered adaptive traffic control system to manage special event traffic associated with the Rose Parade, Rose Bowl and BCS Championship Game.

These systems operate autonomously 24/7, 365 days a year, providing traffic engineers with immediate monitoring, traffic response and historical reporting.