Some have already noticed more pump distractions, for some this will be new. As if there aren't enough distractions in your daily life, you can add another one to that list- being bombarded by a television screen as you dispense fuel into your vehicle.

It's all too familiar to me- I've noticed some stations that utilize the speakers in the gas pump to virtually "shout" the special deals inside the station, and now a company called "PumpTop TV" signed a deal to bring even more announcements to gasoline pumps in its network.

PumpTop TV already has an arsenal of some 6,000-plus television screens at pumps across the nation and will now grant Goodwill Communications access to the network, delivering more than 12,000,000 impressions monthly, according to a news release.

According to the release, each announcement generates up to $850,000 in advertising support from 41 states. A quote from the release states, "We are excited about using this new advertising venue to reach people on the go where there is very little distraction and no opportunity to zap out the commercials," said the CEO of Goodwill Communications.

Goodwill Communications may be excited about the idea of forcing people to watch using high volume or flashing screens, but I'm sure not very excited. Now granted some of the announcements may be interesting, but frankly, the marketing blitz going on to subsidize gas stations is wearing a bit thin. I'm almost to the point where I wouldn't mind paying a penny more per gallon (gasp!) as long as the loud voices selling candy bars and flashy screens advertising something I have no interest in go away.