Missouri motorists may soon be able to fill-up with E15 as early as this summer because of new policy being pushed through by Gov. Jay Nixon, even against objections of some lawmakers.

Missouri has long taken a leading role in promoting ethanol, the corn-based alcohol that has been mixed with conventional gasoline. Back in 2006, Missouri was among the first to require nearly all gasoline be mixed with 10% ethanol, also called E10.

However, Missouri lawmakers have been nervous to adopt a higher concentration of ethanol against concern from car manufacturers, gas stations, motorcycle makers, and small equipment manufacturers, who've said it could increase liability for station owners, harm engines, and caused voided warranties. “The risk is not worth the reward when it comes to E15,” said Ron Leone, the executive director for the Missouri Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association.

The cost of E15 likely would be just a few pennies lower per gallon than E10 fuel, which may make some motorists more eager to fill up with it. However, the EPA has not okayed E15 for vehicles manufactured before 2001, and there have been many concerns about the E15's corrosiveness.

We will certainly see what comes to pass as Missouri's Governor tries to implement E15 throughout the state. Motorists: how do you feel about this?