Open Road Toll Mechanism
All six of Massachusetts tolled roads and infrastructure will be converted to a free flow or Open Road Tolling (ORT) system next year. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) has awarded Raytheon a US$130m contract for an All Electronic Tolling System (AETS). 

Raytheon and a team of Massachusetts-based companies will convert and replace all manual cash and electronic toll collection (ETC) systems with an advanced system that will automatically toll vehicles as they travel under a gantry. Drivers will be able to pass through the toll station at highway speeds without the need to slow down or stop. The AETS is intended to reduce congestion, travel times and vehicle emissions from stop and go driving at existing toll plazas. Existing E-ZPass transponders will continue to work on the new AETS and the system will perform Image Based Tolling (IBT) at highway speeds on non-EZ-Pass vehicles and send a toll invoice to the registered owner of the vehicle.

The Raytheon-led team includes: SPS New England, which will cover construction; CDM Smith will be responsible for architectural and engineering services and traffic management; and Liddell Brothers will deal with gantry installation and AETS maintenance. The installation process is expected to begin in April 2015 and continue through December 2015. 

Raytheon will convert the Western Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90), Metropolitan Highway System, Sumner/Callahan and Ted Williams Tunnels, and the Tobin Bridge. The first phase of the project is the conversion of the Weston/Route 128 Interchange. “We have developed and installed All Electronic Tolling Systems along highways throughout the world,” said Bob Delorge, vice president of Raytheon C4I Systems. “Hundreds of thousands of drivers will benefit from faster toll booth transactions and fewer lane closures, including thousands of Massachusetts-based Raytheon employees.”