A Frisco, Texas man is facing some stiff penalties- all for telling motorists via a sign that there was a speed trap ahead.

According to KHOU, Ron Martin was arrested by Frisco police last October, and is now facing trial for his actions, which he says he has a First Amendment right to do. Frisco police cited him for violating the city's sign ordinance, which says the person holding a sign has to be on private property.

Martin has pleaded not guilty and asked for a February 21 trial date in Municipal Court.

Frisco police said its officers have seen Martin holding signs at least twice before, but other cities already warn drivers of traffic enforcement, he said.

The issue is bigger than a simple sign along a busy road, Martin insisted — it’s free speech. The Dallas Observer reports that "most states, Texas included, don't have laws that specifically prohibit people from giving other motorists the heads-up that a cop with a radar gun is hiding behind the bushes."

How do you feel about Martin's arrest? Are the police right or wrong for their actions?