Time to hunker down to all those who live east of the Rockies! Even residents in the Gulf can expect bad weather- tornadoes are possible, Dallas Love Airfield is closed due to ice at this hour.

Motorists in North Central Plains as well as Great Lakes and Upper East Coast should be prepared- travelers and motorists be ready for heavy snowfall, potential dangerous road conditions, and temporary gasoline shortages.

Many areas are likely to get snow, some areas could pick up two feet or more of the fluffy stuff. Police and the National Guard are on duty, preparing for the worst conditions so far this winter in these areas. Blizzard or Winter Storm Warnings are out for much of the northern half of the United States as the monster storm approaches.

Travelers- be prepared.
Wunderground.com Severe Weather
Don't attempt to drive in significant snow. If you absolutely must, make sure you have close to a full tank of gas. Behind the storm system, cold weather will sweep in. If you're stuck or stranded, you'll need to keep warm using your heater, which requires gasoline use.

Prepare now- travel in the next 24-48 hours will become virtually impossible according to the National Weather Service and other government organizations. It appears schools will be closed.

What's the underlying theme here? BE PREPARED. Some gasoline stations may run low on supply or even have their supply exhausted temporarily as replenishment moves too slowly to keep up. My advice? Get out the snowshoes (does anyone even know that these are anymore?), bundle up, and have fun!