I once owned a car ('74 Chevy Monte Carlo) that had an ignition that would start up with just about any key at all. My car key, a house key, someone else's car key... it didn't matter.

But these days vehicles are built better and if you lock your keys in the car it can be a real hassle and expense to get them out...

Ehow.com offers a very helpful tip: Open the car with your cellphone! It's easy...

The folks at Ehow.com say you can use the remote on your spare set of car keys without actually handling the remote. The remote's unlock signal can be sent through your cell phone to open the car door.

You'll probably laugh when you realize how easy this is...
All you need to do is:
Dial home, or dial the person who has the spare set of car keys if you find yourself locked out of your car.

Hold your cell phone 1 foot away from the car door lock.

Yell "Ready" so the person on the other end of the line can hear you. Have him/her press the unlock button on the spare set of keys. You will hear the door unlock immediately.

Enjoy your weekend!!