If you're looking to buy a car soon, you may have a good reason to do it: loan rates continue to hover near lows for new vehicle purchases, according to Bank Rate.

If you're trying to resist buying, you may be finding it hard. Many major manufacturers aired ads during the Super Bowl, and many banks continue to offer attractive loan options for 48 and 60-month loans.

Credit unions have been seen offering some of the most attractive loan rates compared to big banks, with some offering incentives like gift cards or other gifts for signing or transferring a loan. In fact, according to NCUA.gov, credit unions often have better loan rates. In June, 2012, for example, the average 48 month new car loan at a credit union was 3.26%. For a bank, the average 48 month new car loan was 4.66%. That difference certainly can add up over the lifetime of a loan.

Either way, there are many new vehicles achieving big increases in fuel economy vs. what we saw a decade ago, and with auto loan rates very low, its making a new car purchase very attractive for many motorists.