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Just as summer is winding down and refiners begin to ship winter spec gasoline, your Lawmakers are poised to sit down and begin discussing adding even more ethanol to the fuel you pump, which likely already contains up to 10% ethanol.

It seems lately that I've been receiving more questions on where consumers can purchase fuel that contains no ethanol- many Americans do not like the additive but are forced to purchase it because it's law that a certain amount of ethanol be added to gasoline.

If more ethanol were to be added to gasoline, it would likely lower the quality of gasoline used to blend with ethanol, making it easy and cheaper for refiners to produce. In many areas that blend ethanol into their gasoline, the gasoline is "sub-octane". What this means: since ethanol boosts the octane rating of gasoline, refiners can use a lower quality of gasoline. Once the lower quality gasoline is blended with ethanol (which is naturally high octane), it produces 87 octane gasoline. If more ethanol is to be added to gasoline, refiners could easily use even lower quality 83 octane gasoline and blend it with 15% ethanol, bringing the rating to 87.

What are your thoughts? Increasing ethanol content would mean higher corn prices, more profit for ethanol plants, more profit for refiners, and less miles out of each gallon for you.

Manufacturers are torn and many agree that 15% ethanol content in gasoline would be very close to the maximum level that older cars can accept without having long term reliability issues.

Let us know how you feel!