If you didn't see the markets Friday, I'll tell you the news. Your 401(k) probably took a jump in value. A sizeable jump. But with the move higher, commodities also took a leap, including crude oil and gasoline spot (spot meaning the price paid by wholesalers on the spot) prices.

The biggest single day gain in three years by oil will probably show up at the pump in the next 48 hours in some Great Lakes states, mainly Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. These states are at highest risk for a big jump. Also at a slightly lower risk of a big jump: areas of Illinois (my neighborhood station already rose 10c/gal), Wisconsin, Minnesota, St. Louis.

Some areas that feature sub-$3 gasoline may also be at risk (albeit lower risk) of a small increase: South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, parts of Texas, etc. The areas that may see prices jump are typically where prices have either 1) fallen fastest, or 2) very low.

This amounts to a massive buzz-kill as Americans prepare to hit the road ahead of the biggest summer holiday, Independence Day, which falls on Wednesday this year. I'm sure the conclusion that many people will believe is that prices are rising for the holiday, when this is purely a coincidence. Prices fell over Memorial Day weekend, and unfortunately the knee-jerk reaction to a European agreement Friday sent oil, gasoline, and stocks higher.

While oil prices are starting this week lower after the big gains last week, it likely won't be quite enough to stop some stations from increasing their prices. Here's your chance- warn your friends, and save a few cents before hitting the road this July 4.