The lion ate the lamb. Gasoline prices began January like a lamb- quiet, steady, little changed. Unfortunately, the lion has come in and devoured the proverbial lamb- gasoline prices spiked as January closed. So with all that happened the second half of January to cause prices to rise, did gasoline prices really hit us that hard compared to last year? Let's find out.

January 2013's monthly average came in at $3.287, quite below January 2012's monthly average of $3.344. However, as January closed, prices closed in on last year, and surpassed them. On the last day of January 2013, prices were $3.429, higher than the same date a year ago when prices were $3.419.

So what cities came out the best (and worst) in January 2013 vs January 2012? Cities with the biggest drop in prices for the aforementioned time frame:
Las Vegas -36¢/gal vs. 2012
Anchorage -32¢/gal vs. 2012
Tuscon -25¢/gal vs. 2012
Phoenix -22¢/gal vs. 2012
Minneapolis -18¢/gal vs. 2012

The big losers, on the other hand:
Rochester +12¢/gal vs. 2012
Buffalo +10¢/gal vs. 2012
Burlington +9¢/gal vs. 2012
Honolulu +8¢/gal vs. 2012
New York City +8¢/gal vs. 2012

If that news depresses you, how about this: 10% of gas stations in the U.S. averaged under $3/gal for the month of January! That's not too shabby at all.

So what cities had the cheapest monthly average for January, and who's top dog for highest prices?

The dubious award for most expensive average goes to...
Honolulu $3.99/gal
Santa Barbara $3.78/gal
New York City $3.78/gal
Bridgeport $3.72/gal
Buffalo $3.72/gal

And the cities were motorists felt the least average pain at the pump for January:
Colorado Springs $2.83/gal
Salt Lake City $2.84/gal
Denver $2.85/gal
Fort Collins $2.86/gal
Provo $2.87/gal

Some other cool stats for January 2013:
A Shell station in Deer Park, IL was reported to us 585 times in January 2013 alone! We thank all of our spotters for keeping this information accurate by reporting each time they see it.
GasBuddy's Master Station List increased by 12,000+ stations over the last year, thanks to hard work from spotters by adding and suggesting we add new stations in their area.