Back in November we reported that Hyundai and Kia got themselves in trouble with mileage claims on vehicles that may have stretched things just a bit too far...
Hyundai, Kia overstate gas mileage To their credit, they're making good on that and issuing checks to vehicle owners to make up the difference between the real-world mileage and what was advertised for as long as they own the vehicles.

But now they've got another setback on their hands. The company says it's recalling 1.7 million vehicles to fix a faulty brake light switch. Almost all of the Hyundai and Kia vehicles from 2007 through 2011 use the same switch.

And on top of that Hyundai is recalling about 194,000 Elantras made from 2011 to 2013 to fix an airbag problem, where they say, a bracket could come loose when the bag is deployed.

According to USA TODAY, the faulty brake light switches could lead to any of four potential problems that NHTSA has confirmed.

The brake lights may not go on; the cruise control may not turn off when the driver presses the brake pedal; push-to-start buttons may not work on vehicles equipped with them; and a feature that stops the driver from shifting out of park without a foot on the brake may fail.

NHTSA noted that "failure to illuminate the stop lamps during braking or inability to disengage the cruise control could increase the risk of a crash." But, it remains unknown whether or not the problem has caused any crashes or injuries.

For the switch recall, Hyundai and Kia will notify owners in the next two months, and dealers will replace the switches free of charge.

For the airbag problem in the Elantras, the company learned about it when an Elantra owner told NHTSA investigators that a side air bag inflated in a crash (April 2012) and sliced the driver's left ear. NHTSA traced the problem to cars that had auto-dimming rear-view mirrors installed after arriving at U.S. ports.

Hyundai will notify owners over the next three months and dealers will install industrial adhesive strips to contain the brackets that must accommodate the airbags.