The first storm of the Atlantic season, 'Hurricane Arthur', is making it's way from Florida north along the Atlantic seaboard unfortunately wreaking havoc on holiday celebrations.  After hitting the Carolinas, the system is likely to continue ,northeast, and forecasters say northeastern states should beware flash flooding.

It's expected to drench cities like Washington, New York and Boston, But it's unclear just how torrential the downpour might be.  1 to 3 inches of rain is the current consensus for Independence Day, CNN meteorologist Chad Myers said earlier.

Other parts of the East Coast also are expected to be affected as the storm churns north. 

Myers said the fact that the Outer Banks, a string of barrier islands, is hard to get onto and off of may make the situation difficult for those who are planning to spend their July Fourth holiday there.

The islands are low and rain could easily wash onto the roads, making them impassable even before the eye of the storm makes landfall, he said. All preparation for the storm should be done as soon as possible, he stressed.

As always, be prepared for any travel you are considering and heed the warnings of your state DOT's and local officials. Avoid hazardous conditions and stay safe.

Have a happy Fourth of July!