While I usually reserve Wednesday for a weekend gas price forecast, this weekend isn't quite traditional. Gas prices will hold fairly steady for many states over the long weekend. Today I'll show you some cool things we do with the prices you spot.

Everyday, I update our database of live data a handful of times, showing us trends and allowing me to see how different economic factors can influence gasoline prices.

On to the results of some of that data. I've compiled a list of the states that have been most expensive from January 1 through yesterday. How does your State stack up? The cheapest so far in 2009 is... (drum roll, please?) South Carolina! The average there for 2009 is $2.13. The most expensive? (I won't ask for another drum roll) Hawaii! Alaska is right behind Hawaii. Some of you caught that GasBuddy considers Washington, D.C. a state in our listings. I've removed it here for simplicity. Nice find!

Here's the list, starting with cheapest
1. South Carolina, 2. Missouri, 3. Oklahoma, 4. Mississippi, 5. Texas, 6. Tennessee, 7. New Jersey, 8. Arkansas, 9. Wyoming, 10. Georgia, 11. Louisiana, 12. Alabama, 13. Colorado, 14. Virginia, 15. Kansas, 16. Delaware, 17. Utah, 18. Minnesota, 19. Kentucky, 20. Arizona, 21. North Carolina, 22. New Hampshire, 23. Maryland, 24. Iowa, 25. Ohio, 26. Indiana, 27. Idaho, 28. Massachusetts, 29. New Mexico, 30. South Dakota, 31. Montana, 32. Nebraska, 33. Michigan, 34. Florida, 35. North Dakota, 36. Pennsylvania, 37. Wisconsin, 38. Vermont, 39. Rhode Island, 40. Maine, 41. Illinois, 42. West Virginia, 43. Connecticut , 44. Nevada, 45. Oregon, 46. Washington, 47. New York, 48. California, 49. Alaska, 50. Hawaii

Taking a look at gasoline taxes, most of this list is also in order from cheapest gasoline tax to most expensive (although Alaska has the lowest gasoline tax, but has some of the most expensive gasoline).

Have a great and safe Thanksgiving- be sure to check the blog tomorrow and Friday for a post about gas prices around the world and how gasoline prices compare to last Thanksgiving!