This story is just too awesome for me to pass up! The tie in? That this occurred because a reporter drove by this man- and goes to show that perhaps next time you drive by a homeless person asking for something, give it some thought.

If you haven't heard, a reporter from the Columbus Dispatch in Columbus, Ohio, recently followed up on a homeless man standing near a highway offramp. That man held a sign asking for help and that he had a talent. I've written off such people before- but goes to show that some good still may come out of your willingness to help.

72 hours ago, Ted Williams was standing near the interstate in Columbus, Ohio, with a coat and a sign saying he had fallen on hard times. The reporter took a camera with him and captured Ted's amazing talent. The video was put on YouTube and has become an internet sensation- Ted's deep and rich voice is pretty amazing. Ted's passed life is definitely a story- with drugs and alcohol. The Ohio reporter took a chance, gave Ted money, and followed up. Needless to say, Ted Williams opened the NBC Today Show with his voice- all because a man took a chance in talking with him.

I think how many times I've had the opportunity to do something similar and have passed on it because I didn't have time or made excuses. How about next time you see someone repeatedly in the same situation as Ted- you do something kind. We're all sharing this earth together- let's help each other out! That's my warm story for today!