In yet another tale of toll roads, Virginia Gov. McDonnell released a statement last Friday on a plan that would create *drum roll please* a new Toll Road Authority "to construct, maintain and operate toll road facilities statewide. Under the plan, existing facilities controlled by the Virginia Department of Transportation would be transferred to the authority's purview." Yipes!

This story via the Daily Press. Heck, the Gov. also outlined the possibility to sell naming rights to highways! Maybe all of us GasBuddies can pool together and give this highway a great name such as "tolling without representation".

According to the Daily Press article, the Gov's plans also contained this:
-Authorize the Commonwealth Transportation Board to sell naming rights for Virginia highways, interchanges, bridges and other infrastructure for an annual fee which would go toward maintenance costs.
-Enhance Barge and Rail Use, International Trade Facility and Port Volume Increase tax credits to make the Port of Virginia more competitive.

So here we go again folks- a prime example of what can happen. Not only is pay-to-use up and coming, but our taxpayer money is being shifted from building roads to... I don't even know where it's going anymore.