It's that time of year that we all think about how thankful we are, share a moment together, and celebrate. While I wrote this article early this week (as the GasBuddy team today celebrates with our own families) we're reminded of how thankful we are for all of our volunteer price spotters that make our service the best around.

If you've been paying attention to the news, you probably are aware that millions of Americans will be travelling the roads together this holiday- and many of them may be on roads they don't travel often or at all besides during Thanksgiving. I ask that you offer these motorists patience and gratitude as they visit their loved ones. All too often we become impatient and forget to be thankful for what's important- so offer your gratitude for the traveling motorist this year.

And as your body digests turkey (or stuffing, or other Thanksgiving treats), try to get that nap in to let you body digest... or catch one of the three NFL games this week. Maybe my Lions can defeat the Packers. Will Aaron Rodgers be back and lead the Pack forward? Will the Cowboys rough up the Raiders? Perhaps the Steelers can continue their win streak.

Regardless of how you'll be celebrating, remember there are other drivers on the road, your loved ones are thankful for your health, and be sure to cherish that and remember of others health and safety as you drive. Don't let the tryptophan phase you!