If you're paying attention to the news you probably have already heard the obligatory stories about the number of Americans traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday and, of course, the vast majority of us are traveling by car.

The Washington Post reports that 43.6 million of us are expected to travel at least 50 miles... and implicit in that information is that for many folks on the road, there's a good chance they may be unfamiliar with the local roads and byways or even with the interstate they're traveling on especially if they don't make the trip frequently.

Now, let's take a little time to think about what many of us will be doing on Thanksgiving Day with our family and friends, before we decide it's time to get back in the car and head home...

It's a national day of thanks and lethargy. The vast majority of red-blooded Americans will tune in to NFL football's trifecta... It's an all-day feast starting with the Houston Texans (9-1) vs. the (4-6) Detroit Lions. Just to keep Patrick DeHaan happy let's say we're looking for the Lions to get it done against the Texans.

The Detroit game goes on early so maybe we'll wait 'til the Redskins game before cocktails are served.

That game is followed by the Washington Redskins (4-6) at Dallas with the Cowboys coming in with a 5-5 record. As a Giants fan, I've got to pull for the Redskins in that one.

And the late game has the New England Patriots (7-3) vs. the disappointing New York Jets (4-6)... You've got to watch that one too. Ryan might get fired if they blow another one, especially to the Pats.

Of course, you've got to take time away from the boob tube to sit down to your Thanskgiving dinner and inevitably, that's a carb overload.

So let's add it all up. You're sitting around watching football for hours, eating and drinking. That might include a few beers, or a some wine. (If you're having wine, you really can go with either red or white with turkey, just fyi. Depending on your stuffing, vegetables and gravy etc., you're fine with a pinot noir, a pinot grigio, a red or white burgundy, whatever floats your boat.)

Don't forget the tryptophan. Turkey, like many other meats contains tryptophan and, yes, it can contribute to a very drowsy feeling that you have after dinner. The carb overload from an enormous meal can do the same thing too.

Bottom line: Be sure you're alert and safe to drive. And if you're the host, let Uncle Fred spend the night on the couch if there's any doubt in your mind about his drowsiness or sobriety. Better safe than sorry. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!