It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone.
2012 was a year that showed us unbelievable gas price spikes that result when oil refineries are compromised. We began the year with a BP refinery fire in Cherry Point, WA and massive spikes on the west coast.

The spring delivered challenges for Great Lakes refineries and pushed Chicago gas prices to a new high. Similarly, the California summer saw major refinery outages and new record high prices.

Hurricane Sandy delivered a punishing blow to the East Coast causing refinery shutdowns, flooding and power outages. The resulting fuel shortage triggered mile-long lines and in New York gasoline was the highest in the U.S. When GasBuddy was called in by NYC officials we provided counsel, price updates and trends throughout the NY metro area. We're especially proud to have been able to assist area consumers with the GasBuddy Fuel Shortage Tracker which was created to help motorists save gas and identify which stations had fuel and which ones did not. With the help of all the volunteer station spotters, the Fuel Shortage Tracker was an immediate and huge success. We even received a call from The White House, recognizing the popularity of the GasBuddy service.

Of course, when GasBuddy was started in 2000 we never envisioned where it would be today. And that’s why today we say ‘Happy New Year!’ and ‘Thank You!’ to everyone that uses GasBuddy and helps spot prices.

It’s been your enthusiasm and participation that has helped GasBuddy to save money for millions of people at the pump in 2012. We are deeply grateful to all of you.

We wish you all heath and happiness in the New Year!!

- The GasBuddy Team