Unfortunately, its no surprise that oil continues to leak from the site of the now sunken Deepwater Horizon oil rig. The environmental disaster continues with not enough progress as oil continues to be released into the Gulf of Mexico. Here are some statistics I calculated (using various methods) on the leak thus far.

Days of oil leaking: 60
Estimate of oil leaking per day (bbl): 35,000-55,000
Estimate of oil leaking per day (gal): 1,470,000-2,310,000
Estimate of oil captured using top hat: 165,000bbl (6,930,000gal)
Estimate of total oil released in water: 3.5 million barrels (147 million gallons)
Distance of land protected by booms: 50 miles
Distance of land not protected by booms: 390 miles
Percentage of shore/risk area protected: 12.8%
Land area closed for fishing: 81,000 square miles
Percentage of Gulf of Mexico waters off limits for fishing: 33%
Number of Olympic pools you could fill with the estimated amount of oil that has spilled: 222

Amount of gasoline consumed by the U.S. in 2008: 138 billion gallons
Amount of oil consumed by the U.S. each hour: 813,000 barrels (34.15 million gallons)
Amount of time the leaked oil would last the U.S. if used: 5.5 hours (using relatively high estimates)

Number of people in Louisiana who have filed for unemployment since the disaster: 12,500

An area nearly the size of Kansas is off limits to fishing at this time. You could take Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, Hawaii, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maryland, put them together, and they still wouldn't be close to totaling the size of the Gulf waters that are off-limits.

Devastating? Yes. Frustrating? Yes. Sad? Yes. BP isn't exactly known for their safety record, here's to wishing it would improve from here on out.