With gasoline prices rising everywhere in the United States and Canada- I challenge you to make your gas go further by driving defensively! How can one do such a thing? Leave early, coast, accelerate slower- just to name a few.

So how about a challenge to GasBuddies? This won't apply to everyone (those who are fortunate enough to tele-commute or don't have a commute to work...)

The challenge- see if you can hit all the lights green (remembering to obey traffic laws) on your commute in. It sounds impossible, but if you can gauge traffic, the light cycle, and drive defensively, it's something you can try!

This morning, I decided to take my own challenge. Initially as I left, it was about lucky timing. Right out of the driveway I have two lights, I hit them both. The next was 1/2 mile up and I could see it had just turned red, so I began to coast. I hit it green after coasting (and netting higher fuel economy!), then proceeded another 1/2 mile watching carefully and hitting that light.

I proceeded to make 9 out of 10 lights, and only got stuck at one because I couldn't see it far enough ahead and couldn't react quickly enough.

Saving gas and driving defensively can be fun- it might take a few minutes and some patience, but try it out- I averaged 30 MPG this morning compared to 22 MPG on my normal 3-mile commute. Saving money CAN still be fun!