Today we celebrate our nation's Independence Day. Whether you live in a major metropolis, small town or humble hamlet... whether you live in the mountains, the plains, a river valley or coastal port... we'll all gather one way or another as Americans to share the simple blessing of being here.

Let's be grateful for that wherever we go. At least for today let's eliminate the lesser concerns and accentuate the positives. We can all be grateful for the freedom we share and the opportunity afforded us.

We must be grateful not only for that freedom but for those who paid the ultimate price for it, along with those whose current duty in the U.S. Armed Forces imposes that potential risk each day. We have so much to be grateful for and much to celebrate!

So that's something we might like to keep in mind... And there are terrific places to go celebrate. For what it's worth, my personal favorite would be the Macy's fireworks show in New York... It's the mother of all fireworks events. Here's more:

The 37th annual Macy's 4th of July fireworks will feature over 40,000 fireworks in a span of 25 minutes.

For the first time, the world-famous Macy's fireworks display show will feature a collaboration with Grammy-winner Usher to help inspire and light up the sky to celebrate America's Independence Day.

The fireworks soundtrack is set to include hits from Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Sinatra and more. Patriotic songs such as "America the Beautiful," "God Bless America," and "The Star-Spangled Banner" will also be played throughout the show.

Macy's fireworks will be broadcasted live on NBC. "Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular" will air at 8 p.m. ET. The all-star lineup of performers for the two-hour show includes Mariah Carey, Tim McGraw, Nick Cannon, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez.

For all residents of New York and New Jersey, the Macy's fireworks can be seen from any area with an unobstructed view of the sky above the Hudson River. Macy's will have four barges in the Hudson River between 24th Street and 42nd Street.

Enjoy -- and let us know your favorite 4th of July location too!