Left lane drivers beware- if you're driving slower than other traffic, Georgia wants you to move over! Yesterday, the Georgia Legislature approved a bill that would allow police to cite and ticket those driving too slowly in the left lanes on the state's major thoroughfares, even if they're travelling the speed limit.

The "slow poke" bill would require any driver on a divided highway to move to the right- even if they're driving at the posted speed limit- when a faster vehicle attempts to pass, or face a misdemeanor charge.

The bill previously passed the Georgia House of Representatives 162-9 in February, and yesterday it passed the Senate by a wide 42-5 margin. The bill now heads to Governor Nathan Deal's desk for a signature before it becomes law.

Many states currently already have similar laws, but this one seems to stand above as it simply tells anyone that if a vehicle is attempting to pass, you must move over, regardless of speed.

Drivers caught daydreaming in the left land could face a misdemeanor penalties of upto $1,000 and up to a year in prison. The bill's sponsor, former 33-year state trooper Bill Hitchens, says he doesn't expect the penalties to be as significant as the bill has implied.

According to USA Today, John Bowman, a spokesman for the National Motorists Association, said "We call it lane courtesy. We trace (its demise) back to the implementation of the 55-mph maximum national speed limit. All of a sudden, it became more acceptable to drive at a slower pace. And people thought it was their duty to police others by forcing everyone to slow down. And I think it continues even today."