Tempting as it may be... don't try this.

Earlier this week in Tampa, FL two guys decided they were fed up with rising gas prices and weren't going to take it any more. At a BP station where diesel was selling for $3.89, these characters had every intention of filling up... but no intention of paying for it.

Of course, police around the country anticipate similar theft attempts by other schemers as prices go higher.

Peter Linton Smith, FOX News, reported that when the station was closed, the men parked their van atop a storage tank and started stealing gas. Their van was specially rigged for fuel theft.

"They cut a hole in the bottom of the van," Hillsborough Sheriff's Captain Andy Ross explained. "They installed a plastic bladder tank in the van and they have a pump system."

The gas station was closed as a result. The theft may have gone completely unnoticed. Ross said they simply parked the van over the cap to an underground storage tank and started pumping.

"They dropped a hose down into the tank, and flipped the switch as they sat in a nearby car while the tank filled up," Ross described.

Their plans were foiled by an alert deputy. He noticed the van parked at an odd angle. He went to investigate and apparently startled the men waiting in a look out car. "They saw a deputy do a 'U' turn and they just drove away," Ross said.

About 25 gallons of gasoline spilled out and a hazardous materials (HAZMAT)team and bomb squad were called there. The gas station and several businesses nearby were forced to close until the area could be cleaned up and the van secured.