Motorists were thankful that GasBuddy put together a website so hastily that is now receiving over a quarter of a million unique visitors a day alone. Our data is the best available because our spotters have faithfully used our Sandy Gas Availability Tracker to tell us and others where and which stations have gasoline.

I surveyed numerous stations in NYC myself that had run dry or had long lines. Stations sometimes had only regular or only premium gasoline, and were doing their best. NYC's finest- NYPD, was positioned at every gas station that was open and selling gasoline. It was an amazing sight that may not be repeated in my lifetime as NYC officials and stations learn how to improve the supply chain after major disruptions.

While I expect the situation to only improve from here on out, motorists are urged not to hoard gasoline, something that would make the situation much worse. Images of people filling their cars, gas cans, and anything they have- is making this situation much worse than it would otherwise be. There is no gas shortage. There's simply various kinks in the supply chain as power is restored. Demand for gasoline is significant today, and with the kinks in the system, supply is being overwhelmed by an insatiable demand from motorists and consumers.

If you're in NYC- buy only what you need over the next few days. Hoarding gasoline and filling every tank you have will make the problem linger longer than it otherwise would.

For those looking for gasoline in NYC and NJ, be sure to use our Sandy Gas Availability Tracker.