As Hurricane Sandy bears down on the East Coast, gasoline retailers have been busy getting prepared. Contingency plans are underway for several large gas chains to ensure that where and when motorists need fuel, it is ready.

As of late Friday, Loves Travel Centers posted on its Facebook page, saying "Love's is continuing to monitor Hurricane Sandy as it heads north along the Atlantic Coast. Our Florida locations are reporting heavy rainfall but are operating as usual. The weather center predicts Hurricane Sandy will make landfall somewhere between Virginia and New Jersey on Monday or Tuesday. Our locations in Skippers, Va., Ruther Glen, Va., and Bordentown, N.J, are preparing for the storm, and additional fuel deliveries will be made to ensure a strong supply for drivers. Love's is also monitoring the possibilities of heavy rain and storms in all Eastern states and making preparations accordingly."

Also on Friday, Pilot Travel Centers posted on Facebook, saying "The process has begun to move generators to strategic locations within the Northeast. We also have crews on standby to assist with connecting the generators and restoring power to any location that may lose electricity during or after the storm. Locations are participating in daily operational conference calls to keep our focus on remaining open for your drivers and the communities during the storms. Our transportation department is continuing to keep a close eye on the inventory levels at these locations. We have called in additional transport drivers for this weekend and will keep all tanks full. No rack closures have happened at this time."

The good news is that preparations have been made and are continuing to proceed and that major chains are preparing for problems and actively creating plans that address many situations. Should motorists need gasoline, it is highly advised that they try major travel centers during and after the storm, as larger chains have contingency plans while smaller stations can't afford such.