Let the good news roll: gasoline prices have continued their downward trend, and perhaps even better news is that downward trend looks to stick around for this week, as oil prices and wholesale gasoline prices open the week trading lower.

Five states now boast average prices under $3/gal, and all of them are in the mid-continent where the line "there's no place like home" rings true. Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, and Kansas all are seeing average prices slightly under $3 with Missouri's $2.91/gal average the cheapest in the nation.

Motorists in Tulsa, Oklahoma are the beneficiaries of the city with the cheapest gasoline, however, with an average gallon of the stuff going for a mere $2.83 a gallon.

And like I said before, it does look good for motorists, especially in the Northeast, as the tropics have remained quiet, with no possibility for disruption from hurricanes as the cooler temps invade.

Nationally, motorists are saving an estimated $92 million per day over where prices were last year, a number that's surely helping the economy as Americans continue to deal with government setbacks, and cuts.

This week we look for the national average to continue to contract with prices dropping another 1-3 cents per gallon. Some communities may see drops approaching 10-cents per gallon.