Today GasBuddy has agreed to work with over 140,000 gas stations in the U.S. and Canada to announce their intention to CLOSE in the coming weeks as we go back to the stone age.

With the high level of communication required to let motorists know, GasBuddy has accepted an agreement to use their network to assist in communicating this with motorists.

Gas stations across the U.S. and Canada will soon begin shutting down their stores and stop selling gas so that we can return to the stone age where cars and gasoline are no longer required.

The U.S. has opened hundreds of acres so that individuals can properly bury their cars and say goodbye. Retail stores across the nation are expected to begin selling Flintstone mobiles as soon as possible to lessen the impact.

Also, shoe manufacturers are bracing for additional demand for shoes that can handle the tough task of being used for hundreds of miles.

Users should stay tuned and be ready for further updates!