GasBuddy today announced that it will for the first time ever include a forecast for diesel fuel when it releases its 2013 fuel price outlook in early January.

In previous years, only gasoline was covered by the annual outlook. This year, GasBuddy is renaming the forecast to "Annual Fuel Outlook" instead of "Annual Gasoline Outlook". The move is sure to excite consumers who use diesel in their vehicles or for semi-drivers and others who rely on diesel as their primary fuel.

In prior years, diesel prices have remained above gasoline prices as supply has fallen and exports of diesel rise. Coupled with more stringent diesel rules that started in the mid-2000's with the change to ultra low sulfur diesel, prices have risen sharply, and the amount of interest in diesel forecasting has risen.

GasBuddy continues to identify other fuels that it can include in its yearly outlook, but so far, besides gasoline, only diesel fuel has made the cut. GasBuddy spotters have requested numerous other types of fuel to be included, such as ethanol blends, kerosene, and natural gas. Since GasBuddy data focuses primarily on gasoline and diesel, we have excellent data that makes a forecast possible. While we may consider adding ethanol forecasts to the mix, the fact that ethanol blends are not quite mainstream makes forecasting them much more difficult.

The GasBuddy 2013 outlook is on schedule to be released to the public in early January and will be posted here on GasBuddy's blog.