GasBuddy’s Year in Review

Midwest refinery problems (May); Quebec train disaster (July); & U.S. threat of attack on Syria (Sept.) had greatest impact on 2013 gasoline prices

When shaping a perspective on gasoline prices and the events that had the greatest impact in 2013, there’s no question that three events stand above all others:

>Midwest refinery problems in May that pushed Chicago’s average price to an all-time record of $4.47 per gal.
>The July 6 disaster in Quebec when a Montreal Maine & Atlantic Railway train hauling 72 tankers of crude crashed and killed 47 people;
>President Obama threatens a military strike on Syria (August).

2013 saw the annual spring ‘run up’ get an early start around Jan 21. Refineries began their annual maintenance checks and, concurrently, the national retail average at $3.25 per gallon around Jan 21 climbed steadily to $3.74 by Feb. 27.

GasBuddy estimates it could collectively save motorists over a billion dollars in 2013 if every motorist utilized the free app and shopped around for the best gasoline prices in their area.