Ding! If you notice your phone chirping at you in the coming days it may be because we're testing new features in our GasBuddy app. You may have already read that in the latest app version, we added a feature that will notify you if prices are jumping sharply in some communities.

As GasBuddy learns how gas prices work in each one of over 250 communities across the U.S., we're going to start alerting you to big big price spikes in your communities. Today we're just starting testing on that feature. If you're in the Twin Cities today and signed up for notifications or allow them on your smartphone, you may have noticed a GasBuddy notification that prices are going up (and they are, so I hope you've filled up!). We're using data reported to us thanks to spotters to enable this feature.

As I said, it will take time to roll out this feature to everyone, but for now, we're taking aim at communities and states where prices jump by the largest amounts- mainly around the Great Lakes, but as we learn more about how prices work in other communities, we'll try rolling this feature out to you, too.

What we need from you is to report prices often (the more data we have the more we learn) and to make sure you're reporting prices accurately! The more data we get, the more we can look at it for patterns and warn our users, meaning more savings at the pump- which is what we're all about.

So in the coming days if you see an alert, be assured it is real. Take the alerts at face value- we've got a lot of data already so we're confident that prices are heading up in your area if you get an alert. So be sure to check your phone often and most importantly if you see prices changing, update the price on our app ASAP!