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Happy 2014! As you may or may not know, GasBuddy has shifted our giveaway from one $250 gas card per week to $100 gas card per DAY! This is reason to celebrate as now you have more opportunities to win! While this is all great, some of our users have been a bit confused on how to win, so we'll run you through it.

The Basics
1. Sign Up - Become a GasBuddy Member either on or in our mobile app – download it here

2. Earn Points - Report Gas Prices to earn points, each price reported equals 150 points

3. Win Gas – Get entries into our daily give away with every 1000 points earned

It's important to remember you must be a GasBuddy member to win! Becoming a member is FREE and anyone can do it. Second, you can get more chances to win by earning points. The main way to earn points is by reporting gas prices. Each entry into the contest requires 1,000 points. Here's how to redeem those points for a chance to win.

For mobile app users:
Open the GasBuddy app. On the main screen, you'll notice an icon towards the bottom that says "Win Gas". Obviously, you want to win free gas! Click that icon, and you'll be taken to a screen where you can get entries! You must get at least one entry for a chance to win that day's $100 gas prize. You can also see recent winners of the contest, learn more, and view the terms and conditions. You may get as many or as few entries as you like. Each entry is good for one drawing only, and we draw one winner per day, so you can come back every day and get entries for the current day's drawing.

After you decide how many entries you want to get (you can get as many as you want, but 1 entry will take 1,000 points, and you can't get more entries than your points allow), you'll be asked your name and address and e-mail so we can notify you. BE SURE to enter your e-mail correctly or we won't be able to tell you that you won and your prize will be forfeited. If you enter the right e-mail address, make sure to check your e-mail to see if you won! Some people forget and yes, some winners don't respond to our confirmation e-mail!

Here's what the page looks like where you enter your details:

GasBuddy Contest Page
GasBuddy Contest Page

After you enter your name, address, and e-mail, the app will bring you back to the main screen, and at the top of the screen, you'll see a box that says "You have X entry for this week's prize draw. Good luck!" and you're all set! Make sure to watch your e-mail. The contest runs daily from 12:00am ET to 11:59:59pm ET, and winners are informed soon after each day's contest closes.

For those who want to enter for the prize using our website, here's how.Log in to your GasBuddy website (ex. On each webpage on the left side you'll see a box with a yellow button that says "Enter Draw". Click the box! Then fill out the form with your name, address, and e-mail, and select the number of entries you want. After you've done this, click "Enter Draw" and you'll be brought to a page that says "You have redeemed X points for X entry. Good luck!" and you're all set!

For all our members and users, remember you must be signed up. To get more details on how to win, click here. If you need or want to sign up, go to and click the "SIGN UP" text link on the very top of each GasBuddy website.

That's it! Once you enter, make sure to pay attention. With $36,500 in gas cards to be given away in 2014, you sure have a chance to win!!