Get out of your car, begin pumping gasoline, and you realize that there's a recycling bin next to your car. Who would have expected? Well, according to sources, this might be a growing trend. Some studies have shown that the trash at gas stations contains up to 50% recyclable material.

I admit, much of the stuff in my vehicle could be recycled instead of dumped at a landfill, and I feel even better that stations are considering growing this program. We have recycling at home, but what about making it available at gas stations and even car washes? Great idea.

According to a press release, Speedway SuperAmerica had pilot program that brought recycling to some of its stations, and is expanding the idea after initial positive feedback and success. According to the release, Speedway Super America stores recycled more than 2,200 pounds of materials, such as bottles, paper, and cans.

The question is how stations could turn this into a profit. What's your take? Would you support gas station recycling even if it meant the station would cash in on your trash?

None of the stations in my area currently offer any recycling, but I embrace the idea. Personally, I don't mind that the stations make a profit on my stuff. The bottom line is that it keeps my bottles and paper out of a landfill, and that will benefit all of us in the long run.