GasBuddy App
While motorists may have noticed that gasoline prices are relatively quiet, there still are big savings that can be had- as least 25 cents per gallon or more or those using the free GasBuddy smartphone app.
The national average was little changed over the last week, holding at $3.64/gallon, which was about a half penny lower than a week ago. Looking at all benchmarks, however, we see how little things have changed. The national average stood at $3.63/gallon a month ago, and one year ago today, prices averaged $3.64/gallon.
But be aware- there remain big savings to be had at pumps across the nation in all of the top 50 metro areas for those who download the free GasBuddy app and use it to find cheapest prices.
For example, motorists in Jackson, MS, which is seeing the lowest average of any U.S. city at $3.32/gal, a motorist can use GasBuddy and find the station charging $3.17/gallon, a whopping 15 cents per gallon under the local average. Or, if they're stuck somewhere else in the city, may get stuck paying $3.51/gallon, a whopping 34 cents per gallon higher than using the GasBuddy app to pinpoint cheap gas.
Motorists in Lubbock, TX, the second cheapest U.S. city is seeing average prices at $3.32/gal as well, with smart GasBuddy users paying as little as $3.20/gallon, 12 cents per gallon under average. Silly shoppers are paying as much as $3.49/gal a significant 29 cents per gallon more.
So while gasoline prices remain in limbo across the country today, remember, savings always come to those who shop around for cheap gas with the free GasBuddy app!