After we highlighted a calm week in last Monday's blog, we said the week ahead would see more increases, and that's exactly what we saw. The U.S. national average rose a little over 3c/gal in the last week to $3.59, over 6c/gal higher than last year.

The bad news is that the lurch forward will likely continue this week with the U.S. average adding on another few cents per gallon, climbing over $3.60/gal as oil prices have moved higher since last week as well.

On the low side, Utah, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming- all states in the Rockies- are faring the best with average prices in the $3.30's. On the high side, Hawaii, California, and Illinois appear, with Illinois just 5c/gal away from hitting a statewide $4/gal.

LA stands at $4.28/gal, up 15c/gal after we warned last week that prices in California would spike. Similar jumps are being seen across the state.

Meanwhile, there isn't much chatter in regards to the continued refinery maintenance that's taking place- a sign that prices could soon peak. We'll continue to monitor any developments and keep you up to date. For now, most trends across the nation remain upward.