Motorists across much of the U.S. have seen a continued decline in gasoline prices, but for some areas, prices may spike today or tomorrow.

The Great Lakes states- Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Kentucky, will face a likely price jump today or tomorrow as retail prices have declined for over a week, meanwhile wholesale prices have jumped. The Great Lakes often sees roller coaster type pricing at the pump, and should expect to see prices jump 15-30c/gal today or tomorrow.

For the rest of the nation, price decreases may ebb in the week ahead and things may be little changed. The Gulf region will be where the lowest prices in the nation can be found, with some stations in Anderson, SC as low as $2.99/gal this morning. Meanwhile, Santa Barbara, CA remains the only major city in the lower 48 with an average price exceeding $4/gallon, coming in at $4.10/gal.

The tropics are quiet- at least for now, and haven't seen a major storm threaten land yet this year for the Atlantic. Gas prices could jump should a major storm threaten the Gulf, so keep your eyes out.

This week looks to be a relatively quiet week at the gas pump, but if anything changes, keep your eyes here!