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Checking in this Friday on what's going on across North America in terms of gasoline prices! First off, Canadians won't be seeing the increases that the U.S. will see. The Canadian currency is stronger than the dollar, helping offset the increase in prices. (Lucky you!)

Across the U.S., some places are getting close to $3/gallon and may surpass that in a few weeks. The national average is up sharply today, showing average prices over $2.84/gallon already. I have a feeling the national average in the U.S. will climb to $2.87 by the end of the weekend.

Motorists in the South are currently enjoying the lowest gas prices in the U.S., while folks on the West Coast see prices well over $3. The Midwest may be the next region to see $3/gallon- something that hasn't happened in 25 months (October, 2008!).

The cheapest areas in Canada
GasBuddy Heat Map
are in Alberta (no doubt that the close proximity to the oil sands is at work). The further north you go, the more expensive the average price climbs. Local and provincial taxes play a big role in price differences in Canada as you can see.

I expect by the end of the weekend Canadian prices will be around 104c/L, virtually unchanged.