Well it's Tuesday (at least that's what I think it is), and that means another Gas Tip! We'll cover where to get gasoline on vacation or on a road trip.

Many times on vacation or a road trip, you're hundreds of miles away from home on unfamiliar roads. Since many are relaxed during vacation, their minds aren't focused on saving money... but there's an easy way with just a few tips to save money at the pump while on the road and spend it doing something more enjoyable.

First of all, I would highly recommend using the GasBuddy Trip Cost Calculator before leaving for your destination. It's an easy way to show you where to get gasoline while en route to your destination. If you input your make, model, and year, our computers will figure out how big your tank is, and where the cheapest places will be to fill up once you get close to "E"! I'll briefly walk you though this.

I'll start off in the Big Apple (NYC), head to see relatives in Seattle, WA, then finish off with some time in LA! My vehicle is a 2008 Honda Civic 2.0L FWD, and GasBuddy tells me my vehicle gets 21/29 MPG (spot on!). It even asks how full my tank is to start (cool!).

You can see all the options I've selected (super easy)... then we put the computer to work! Out pops the stations (in a list) that I should fill up at, and a summary! Just a few moments planning my route saved me at least $34 over the entire trip- that's like a free tank of gas for my car!

If you're on the way to your destination and didn't use the Trip Cost Calculator, here are some tips on where gasoline is cheaper.

->Avoid affluent areas and downtown in major cities. The cost of doing business is likely higher, and that higher price is passed to you. In affluent areas, stations charge more because people are less sensitive to gas prices.
->Avoid gas stations next to the highway or at a highway oasis. These stations know that travelers just want an easy off/easy on station, and you pay extra for the convince. Many times stations just down the road from the highway are cheaper because they must compete for local business.

Taking just a few extra minutes to find a cheaper gas station on vacation can really add up- it's like free gas, a free meal for the family, etc! It's more money in your pocket for you to enjoy!