Time to take a day off from having to think about gasoline prices. For today's post, I'm virtually beaming you back to the as early as the 50's to see how oil companies marketed their gasolines. I'm sure many of you may remember these commercials, perhaps some will even remember what car you drove back in that day.

Be sure to check out the links below for several decades old ads promoting such fuels as "Speedway 79", "Super Shell", Amoco, and more.

Anyone else have some old gasoline or oil related ads you can contribute? Write on my Whiteboard with a link to the video and I'll be sure to add it right here for all to see!

Speedway 79 Power Fuel

Super Shell

Amoco Gasoline

Gulf Gasoline (Very low quality)

City Service Gasoline

Esso Gasoline

Sinclair Super Octane


Sinclair Dino