Auto industry experts are buzzing with the news that when it comes to brand loyalty... nobody comes close to Ford. Seven car models in the top 10 are Ford vehicles.

Complete findings from the Q3 2012 Experian Automotive industry Loyalty and Market Trend report will be presented in a webinar on Jan. 23... But, we can tell you what they've shared so far.

The top 10 vehicles for brand loyalty begins with Ford Fusion (56.4 percent). According to Experian Automotive, that figure means 56.4 percent of Ford Fusion owners returning to the automotive market either purchased or leased another Ford vehicle.

Here's the Top 10 list of vehicles:
Brand Loyalty by Model
1. Ford Fusion (56.4)
2. Ford Flex (55.3)
3. Chevrolet Sonic (54.3)
4. Ford Edge (53.8)
5. Kia Forte (52.7)
6. Ford 500 (51.0)
7. Ford Fiesta (50.7)
8. Ford Escape (50.1)
9. Ford Focus (49.7)
10. Cadillac DTS (49.1)

"Ford continues to perform exceptionally well in brand loyalty, with a range of products that are getting customers back to the showroom again and again," said Jeffrey Anderson, director of consulting and analytics for Experian Automotive.

When looking at the overall brand level, when the owner of a certain brand returned to market to buy the same brand of car regardless of the model, Ford and Toyota maintained the top two spots with Kia and Hyundai moving into third and fourth place replacing Honda.

Brand loyalty:
1. Ford (44.1)
2. Toyota (43.9)
3. Kia (39.9)
4. Hyundai (38.6)
5. Honda (38.1)
6. Chevrolet (38.0)
7. Subaru (35.7)
8. Nissan (34.7)
9. Mercedes-Benz (34.6)
10. Lexus (34.1)

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