Over the past weekend a fatal shooting turned Interstate 4 into a crime scene in Tampa, FL as police searched for the man who authorities say drove off after firing from his car into another, killing a man from Orlando.

The victim was identified as Fred William Turner Jr., 47. He told dispatchers he did not know the man or why he was following him.
Turner drove onto I-4 and stayed on the phone with dispatchers as he headed to Orlando. As he approached the I-75 overpass, shots rang out and could be heard on the 911 call, police said. Turner pulled his green Ford Mustang over near the overpass and died there.

The shooter, who witnesses said drove a gray or silver Ford Taurus with tinted windows, drove off but yesterday he turned himself in.

Jerome Edward Hayes, 48, surrendered Monday morning at the Hillsborough County Jail, where he was booked on a charge of first-degree murder.

His attorney, Nicholas Matassini, said Hayes voluntarily turned over his gun and allowed police to search his car before his arrest. Police later obtained a warrant charging Hayes with first-degree murder.

I can't wait to hear this guy's story.

Matassini said he met with Hayes early Monday before escorting him to the jail. The attorney declined to comment further, saying he had not had a chance to review the evidence in the case

What pushes someone to snap? What in the world pushes one to fire a weapon at another motorist? We've all been angered by someone on the road. But we know that cooler heads must prevail.

In the heat of this blazing hot summer, please remember that. Don't let your life be forever changed by a wrongheaded impulse of the moment. Do the right thing and avoid confrontations especially if they can jeopardize others as well as yourself.

Keep calm!