Have you looked at gas pumps? It's...about...time that gas prices drop. However, prices are still killing me! I had a song writer approach me a week or so ago wanting to make sure all of our awesome spotters had some great tunes to listen to while we're filling up and driving around, so it's time to share with you all!

Jon of OhioSongWriter.com wanted to make this tune free to all of our buddies, so please check it out. If you like his music, feel free to check out the other available music he has. I've listened to it myself and can't stop playing it.

In addition to making "Filling Up is Killing Me" free to our GasBuddy members, there is also another song available on his site called "A Tank of Gas". And while downloading the song doesn't fill my tank, it sure is a great song to listen to.

So how about on this Friday some free tunes for everyone? At least if we're getting squeezed at the pump someone is giving us some free tunes (for a limited time, so check it out today!)

Enjoy your weekend everyone!