That's right folks- ten years ago on this very day, servers went live for the first time. Since then, hundreds of millions have visited our sites, which as of today numbers 230. That's right- we have 230 sites to offer gasoline pricing information to 230 cities and states across all fifty United States and all Canadian provinces.

First off, a huge thanks to all our loyal spotters! We're happy to have such a following of great people who take time our of their day to report those high and low gasoline prices. We're happy that we have rewarded our spotters with tens of thousands of dollars in free gasoline cards!

Secondly, we appreciate all those who have told their friends about our great sites... the more money saved, the more we all win- after all, its better to have more money in your pocket than someone elses, even if its just a few pennies every week, it all adds up.

Now- to announce some new things we're working hard on for you all- mobile apps. We're developing as we speak apps for Android, Blackberry, and we also have a NEW iPhone app we're working on! Some of these platforms are easier to work with, so you may see the apps released at different times. Please be patient and know that we're working hard on all platforms mentioned. I'm sitting here sweating just thinking about all the hard work that we're putting into them.

Now, to travel back in history... GasBuddy started June 11, 2000, as mentioned, and by the following New Years Day 2001, we had opened 110 more sites across the U.S. and Canada. We started our contests for free stuff on April 2, 2001. Did I mention we survived the dot com era? Again, thanks to our loyal users. We've changed the site countless times, trying to incorporate your ideas to mold GasBuddy into what our users are requesting.

In addition to new mobile apps, we're constantly working on new website features and listen to your suggestions every day. Again, thanks for your hard work, and here's to another ten years of saving money at the pump via and our 230 sites!