With several key shutdowns over the past few months, Enbridge is a pipeline company that many are now familiar with. With that sort of attention, Enbridge is under a microscope from not only regulators but citizens as well. That close examination and pressure has led Enbridge to take more careful steps to ensure it doesn't have another environmental issue or problem.

Earlier today, Enbridge announced it had again closed a major pipeline it operates in Mid-Michigan, the same pipeline that had ruptured in late July- line 6B. The line was shut this time in Ingham county, Michigan.

According to several news sources, the shut down happened Wednesday evening. The shut down resulted from extensive testing of the line that had ruptured in July, as part of an agreement with the EPA do do more in depth testing to ensure any anomalies are investigated.

The 6B line near Marshall, Michigan showed small anomalies prior to the pipeline leak, the largest leak in Midwest history, according to the EPA.

The line in Ingham county was scheduled to be exposed into Friday as crews dug down to reach the massive pipeline that carries 690,000bpd of crude oil into Sarnia, Ontario.