One of many stories popping up on the internet today include that of an elderly woman taking a cruise on I-95 going the wrong way in Philly. Perhaps the wildest part of the story isn't that she wasn't injured: nearly the entire stunt was caught on video! {Exclusive story via WPVI- includes video}

Police are still looking for the woman, who drove for miles down I-95 the wrong way, identified by driving an older model blue Buick Century station wagon with the 80's style fake wood paneling.

While the elderly woman might have escaped injury herself, she caused four car accidents in her wake- including one in which a truck slammed through a concrete barrier.

The motorist behind the video recites how he tried, at length, to get the woman's attention to no avail.

Here's to everyone making sure they see directional signs this weekend and drives safe. If you see the woman or know about her, you're asked to call Philadelphia police.