Since recently approving the use of up to 15% ethanol content in gasoline, the EPA now realizes how much difficulty and confusion bringing E15 to pumps could be. The agency is assembling rules for E15, a fuel only approved in use in vehicles 2007 and newer, setting the stage for possible mis-fueling and lawsuits.

While the EPA is busy figuring out how to handle labeling pumps, the National Association for Convenience Stores (NACS) has begun work on solutions that would leave stations not liable for lawsuits because of mis-fueling. The Reformulated Fuels Association (RFA) has also signaled interest in lobbying the bill the NACS is working on. Of course- because with liability resting on stations, E15 would never make its way towards pumps, but with liability on motorists, everyone (but motorists) support it.

Developments continue, including one possible outcome that would be rather interesting- re-labeling pumps that sell up to 10% ethanol may again come into picture, even after many states dropped the requirement for stations to label pumps as such.

Obviously with E15 upcoming, there's a lot more you'll be hearing about the fuel- the labeling, the implications on older cars, the cost, the comparison in fuel economy vs. fuels with less ethanol... maybe I'll just have to designate one week as ethanol awareness week!