If you're freaking out, upset, or frustrated over the possibility of E15 (15% ethanol in gasoline), maybe you'd be shocked to learn there's already a requirement on the books that requires all gasoline sold in a state to contain at least 20% ethanol by volume!

You're all hoping its not your state- and I'm glad its not mine. Minnesota has a law set to begin on August 30, 2013 that all gasoline sold in the state be 20% or more ethanol by volume. There's only a few ways out of it- if the state has already replaced 20% of motor vehicle fuel sold in the state by the end of this year- December 31, 2010, or if the feds haven't granted approval for E20.

You're all aware I'm not a huge fan of ethanol- generally I don't like being required to put something in my car that I'd rather not. I'm not a fan of paying more and getting less fuel economy. I'm not a fan of my landscaping engines needing work done every other year because of the damage of high concentration of ethanol. I'm not a fan of paying more for food because its being used to make fuel... the list goes on.

I'll be covering ethanol more in the future as well, making you aware of certain laws and areas that should be concerned, but for now- those of you that live in Minnesota- now would be the time to voice your discontent- unless you have acres of corn planted!

To those that think you're doing okay and aren't worried about more ethanol... your day is coming... ethanol is like a virus and spreading quickly. Even California, a state that didn't believe in using ethanol, has boosted its use of ethanol.